[Game] Download Lost Life ver 1.12 Free

Download Lost Life ver 1.12 Free
Download Lost Life ver 1.12 Free

About Lost Life ver 1.12:

* Functions
– POV Touchy-Feely Flash Game
– Hand-drawn Animations All in 30FPS
– Touching Gameplay with Wide Range of Customization
– Reaction Changes
– Detailed Undressing Features

Changelog translated by Google
◆ 1.12
——————————————————– ———————————————–
-The unlocking condition of the watching mode is no longer limited to naked.
-. In the blowjob scene of the appreciation mode, the head has been stricken.
-If the heart container is not cracked, early sleep does not occur when you brush your head.
-When deleting save data, save data since all history is deleted.

-The number of days until the swimwear appears randomly changes from 30 days to 15 days.
-The number of days until the random appearance of camisole is changed from 20 days to 7 days.

Bug fixes
-. When there is semen in the body, it will freeze if you run out of strength and play a game.
-. When putting on the pants, put on the pants and the shorts appear.
-If you have a blowjob in the watching mode, ordinary blowjob only repeats the operation.

◆ 1.11 Bug Fix
——————————————————– ———————————————–
-Serious error after clicking on the remote control after WIFI TV broadcast.
-Fix an error that the camisole can not unlock.

◆ About 1.1 update
——————————————————– ———————————————–
> All
-Put off your clothes on the bed
-When changing the scene, make sure that the button of the clothes you took off does not disappear.

> Costume
After a certain number of days, Toko wears randomly.
-. Add glasses
-. Add a camisole
-. Add school swimwear

> Color
-. Increase the number of pants from 5 types to 6 types.
-. Increase socks from 2 types to 6 types.
-. 6 types of camisole
-. 3 types of uniform best are only in the watching mode.
-. Three types of uniform skirts are only in the appreciation mode.
-. 6 types of swimwear are only in viewing mode.
* Uniforms and swimwear are realistically the school’s prescriptive models, but changing colors every day is unreasonable.
So you will only be in viewing mode.

> TV scene
-Add your hero’s smartphone and place it on the TV scene table.
-The current app is video only, and in the future we are thinking about the ability to design other APPs.

> Normal position
-Remake of Twintail Hair Animation

> Blow
-. Add a sleep button … When you enter the blowjob scene, the player can leave it and go to sleep to get the SKIP blowjob scene.
-. Additional contents … Open your eyes when the heart is not enough, and when Toko comes you will be playing with your smartphone instead of serving as soon as possible.
-. Buzzing behavior has been added. The player can touch the head of Toko.

> Appreciation mode
-.video is in viewing mode, the way to enter is to fire the video wifi button on the TV after broadcasting the movie.
-When playing videos on a TV, you can click on the TV to enter the watching mode.
-. There is no movie to use for the first time. You must unlock automatically throughout the game to get a new movie.
-The sensitivity is limited to the maximum value of hearts played in the past.
-In watching mode, you can lock the float of the heart by clicking the bowl of the heart, and also lock the peak.
-But if you trigger BadEnd, you will lose all the material of the movie.

> Operation function
-.Menu-Option added the Heart function.
You can adjust the heart’s bowl <> bubble <> hide.
-Added the shortcut [W] to the left and right hand functions of Menu-Control.
However, when switching, you can not switch unless you clear all the left and right hands.

> Numeric adjustment
–Added the possibility to repair the cleft of the heart’s bowl. Please find out for yourself how to fix it.
-The strength of the creampie is not 60%, and when the number of days is high, the creampie will be 2 times or more.
-. However, the physical strength spent going out is maintained at 60%. If you go out many times, more material of semen will be drawn.
-. Pleasure restriction touching the chest. In the early stage, it is taught that it is easy to lift by touching the chest, but it is not rational.
-The masturbation time of the child when I saw it on the tv rises with the number of days.
-The adjustment of the heart value drop after the end of the normal position, the heart entering the blowjob has increased more than originally.

> Bug fixes
-When wiping semen with a tissue, you can still suspend it by ordering other actions.
-Option Left-click function can not be switched to the end.
-. Remove the initial shirt + ribbon, there is no ribbon while wearing
-If you do not wipe even if the cum shot semen spills, click on the left figure and a meat stick will appear and be sent out, and the semen will flow again.
-When turning, when a bubble remains on the screen, a machine error occurs.
-If the main character is not strong, manual operation is an issue that has not been released yet.
-The problem that you can not change the movement if you change the surimi meat stick to the chest when the normal position is AUTO
-. The open position may bounce back without permission.
-Fix the problem that the heart’s bowl may disappear.
-. When touching the chest with your right hand, if the Toko put your hand, the right hand will stop. (I do not know if the correction was really successful.)
-Because the television sometimes the turntable does not dance correctly.
  • Original title: Lost Life ver 1.12
  •  Language: English, Japanese
  •  Developer: Happy Lamb Barn
  •  Release: May/26/2019
  •  Censorship: Censored
  •  OS platform: Windows

Download Lost Life ver 1.12 Free:

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Download Lost Life ver 1.12 Free
Download Lost Life ver 1.12 Free

Download Lost Life ver 1.12 Free
Download Lost Life ver 1.12 Free